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Honoured to be the inaugural recipient of the Pandolfi Award for Women in Cancer Research


First hard hat visit to our new lab space under construction in the Agora building.


Lab retreat next to the vineyards in Cully! 


Welcome to new Ph.D. student Roeltje Maas who recently received her M.D. from the Radbaud University, Netherlands, and new postdoc Spencer Watson who just received his PhD from Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, USA


Congratulations to Daniela, Oakley and all authors for our paper in Nature Cell Biology elucidating how obesity promotes breast metastasis


Johanna is elected a member of EMBO


Well done to Dongyao and all authors for our study in Oncogene showing how tumor-associated macrophages interfere with the efficacy of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in gliomas


Welcome to new graduate student Vladimir Wichnewski who joins us from the University of Freiburg, Germany where he did his MSc in Molecular Medicine, and new postdoc Klara Soukup who recently received her PhD from the University of Vienna, Austria.


Our tumour microenvironment poster can be downloaded for free from Nature Reviews Cancer


Johanna joins the editorial board of The Journal of Experimental Medicine


Well done to Oakley and all authors for our identification of a novel mechanism for macrophage-mediated chemoresistance, published in Cell Reports



Our reviews of the brain microenvironmental landscape and resistance to macrophage-targeted therapies are now online in Cancer Cell and Clinical Cancer Research


Well done to Anoek for receiving a postdoc fellowship from the Human Frontiers Science Program 

Best of Cell Reports 2016.png

Our recent paper on tumor-associated macrophages in brain cancers was selected as one of the 'Best of Cell Reports' for 2016


We're excited to be part of the CRUK Grand Challenge to build a 3D map of the breast tumor microenvironment through our project 'IMAXT: Imaging and Molecular Annotation of Xenografts and Tumours'


Congratulations to Davide Croci, for his acceptance into the UNIL Cancer and Immunology PhD program- and an official welcome to the lab!


Johanna joins the editorial board of Genes and Development


Congratulations and farewell to Leila who is starting her own lab at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Amsterdam. We wish you all the very best!


Welcome to Anoek Zomer, who joins our lab as a postdoc after her PhD on stem cell biology, extracellular vesicles, and intravital imaging of tumours in the van Rheenen lab, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht.


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Feature 2

Congratulations to Florian who was awarded the Fondation Medic prize for 2016

Bowman et al, Graphical abstract.png

Congratulations to Bobby and all authors for our publication identifying and analysing macrophage sub-populations in brain malignancies in Cell Reports

BB, BS, DY.png

Goodbye to Bobby who is joining Ross Levine’s lab at MSKCC for his postdoc, Bianca who will move to Jedd Wolchok’s lab at MSKCC, and Dongyao who is joining Nantomics in Maryland, USA, as a Scientist.

Good luck to you all!

Yan et al, Graphical Abstract.png

Congratulations to Dongyao and Bobby, and former graduate student Hao-Wei, for their paper on cytokine-mediated regulation of tumour-associated macrophages in Cell Reports

Prudova cover.png

Well done to all authors on our collaborative project with the Overall lab in Vancouver, identifying cathepsin protease substrates in cancer, which was published in Cell Reports


Welcome to Joanna Kowal, who joins our lab as a postdoc after completing her PhD on exosome biology in the Théry lab, Institut Curie, Paris.

Quail abstract.png

Congratulations to Daniela and all authors for our publication identifying tumour microenvironment-mediated resistance to macrophage-targeted therapies in Science


Congratulations to Bobby and Oakley on their graduation from the Gerstner Sloan Kettering graduate school at MSKCC.

We’re so proud of you both!

Akkari G&D.png

Congratulations to Leila, former graduate student Leny, and all authors for our genetic analysis of cathepsin family members in cancer published in Genes & Development

Joyce lab- Lausanne 2016.jpg

The Joyce lab moves to UNIL/ LICR!

Welcome to our first new lab member- Lucie!